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Evaluation: Question Seven

Looking back at your preliminary task(the continuity editing task). what do you feel you have learnt in the progression from it to the full product?

Camra Work
When i first started media, our first task was to create a preliminary task. Back then, i did not really know how to use a camera at all, and after much experimenting, i began getting used to the controls. When i began filming, i became much more confident. When we started to film Amsetten, we changed the type of camera we used. We began to use a SD card rather than having to capture the footage which i found much easier.

It is very evident from our preliminary task to our film opening that we all as a group developed the range of skills we used when filming, for example, we felt more confident to use a lot of shots to edit together to add pace to the clip rather than just filming in one shot everything we wanted to happen in the scene. In the preliminary task, i felt like we were just starting to experiment with shot reverse shot, however i feel like we use that a lot in Amstetten, and it looks more professional.

We also chose to take all of our shots at least five times, so when it came to editing, we would have more clips to work with to find the best footage. This is something that we learnt from our preliminary task as we were finding it hard to work with what we had.

Because we chose to film lots of short shots rather than long scenes with the camera in the same place, it made editing them together a lot harder. Back in our preliminary task, we found ourselves not having much editing to do at all, so i definitely feel that my editing skills have massively improved. the minimal editing in our preliminary task did put us at a disadvantage because we weren't as clued up for Amstetten, however i feel that we did well to make Amstetten look as good as it is. Although our preliminary task wasn't  as edited, this did make us more motivated to improve our skills to make Amstetten as good as we can.

Because our preliminary task didn't have any music, we felt like we could really experiment with this as we wanted to see how much we could improve Amstetten compared with our Preliminary task. Because our preliminary task didn't include music, we now feel that looking back, we could of made it so much more interesting with music. This inspired us to make Amstetten have music and be a much better sequence.

More Time
When we started our preliminary task, we spent too much time planning, and we didn't leave much time to film and edit. Because of this mistake, we learnt well and we tried to keep a lot of time for editing and other filming we may need to do. This worked well as we did have to re shoot a lot of our footage as we didn't feel it was as good as we could get it.

180 degree rule
When we first started our Preliminary task, we found we had very basic knowledge of the 180 degree rule, and we kept having to check if we were doing it correctly. However from the first task, we learnt more about what we needed to do, and towards the end, it became second nature to remember it.

Overall Development
Overall, i feel that i have progressed in every aspect, especially in the camera work seeing as our first task was very basic when it came to shooting in the scenes in a various different angles like we included in Amstetten.

From our film opening and our preliminary task, i feel like i have a much more broarder knowledge of film production, and i look forward to using my new talents in our A2 Media project.


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