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Logo Developments

As we were nearly at the editing part, we decided to start thinking about the production name and logo. this involved us doing some intensive research into different possible production names before we could start doing a Logo.
A few names we came up with were:
  • Pipedream Productions
  • Spooks Productions
  • Initive Productions
  • conception Productions
  • perspective Productions
  • prescience Productions
  • standpoint Productions
Our favourite idea was Pipedream productions. We started playing around with the idea of having a physical pipe with dreams coming out of it. We were really happy with our progress with it, however we were not sure if it fitted with the negative story line of our film.
However, we continued to develop the logo further. However, we still felt that the idea of more happier and inspiring production names were not right for the film.
After going back to the drawing board and thinking of other production names, we thought more about the film. We decided that in the film, we liked the eye scenes a lot. We then began to play with the idea of an eye being the symbol of the production name. Some names suggested were:
  • Vision Productions
  • Iris Productions
  • Pupil Productions
  • Sight Productions 
  • Forsight Productions
We went on the internet to find copyright free images of eyes and found this one. Although the eye isn't the prettiest, we thought we could play around with it to make it spooky.
We then added darkness around the eye to make it more spooky and also so it would blend in with the black background of the film. We found this much more effective because in the eye above, you focus not only on the eye, but the skin around it.We also made the blue more blue by intensifying the colour more.
We then used brushes in photoshop to add subtle eyelashes. these added to the spooky style we were hoping for. They also made the image look more complete rather than just blurred out with black.
After deciding the fonts we thought we wanted to use, we added our final production name with our logo. We are very happy with the logo and production name, and as a whole we think it fits the style of the film well!
Next we will be editing some more of our footage. We have also decided to refilm a selection of our scenes to make them more interesting, so they will be on soon!

Font research

After much research and planning for our Production name, we have decided to call it Foresight Productions. We like this name because its interesting, unique and it fits with our film style.

Once we had decided on a production name, We decided to start looking into different font types and styles we could use for the logo and throughout the titles of our film opening. Here is a selection of possible font types and styles we have considered.

We decided we didn't want a font which would say too much about the type of film we have, for example a scary or sinister style font for a scary movie, but we also wanted an interesting font that could be used to make the titles not boring.

Next we will start making our logo!

Existing Film production companies- Inspiration for our own!

When coming to research into names for our production name, I decided to do some background research into what film production companies already exist so we can take inspiration from what already exists, but also to make sure we don't use exactly the same ones.

We will be having discussions over the next few days to decide a good name!

Glossary of media termsAs i was a bit unsure of some media terminology, i found several meanings and definitions on the internet and brought them all together. They will be useful for the Media exam, but also for my foundation portfolio to refer back to.

Finalising the filming..

As we agreed last week, we finished the filming which turned out only to be one more flashback. Although we didn't manage to film Friday, it didn't matter because we managed to complete it all Today (Monday 14th March).

We started by coming to my house with Alice Waters, our friend who agreed to play a character in the background and setting up my bedroom to film the scene.

We then shot the scene a couple of times in slightly different ways until we agreed that we had the final one. At first, we were shooting the scene with Elisabeth right next to me and Alice who were suposed to be Elisabeths friends at a sleepover. We didn't think that it worked because the whole point of the scene was to show a connotation to the audience of Elisabeths loneliness and isolation from society.

Then we tried to put Elisabeth right forward in the scene and have me and Alice out of focus in the background. We found this much more effective as it showed more depth to the scene, and it also added a sense of mystery to what was going on in Elisabeths mind when we just see her so distant from the others.

We then went down stairs to film a shot of Alice sitting on my window looking out of the window. This was the last official shot we had to film! It went smoothly as we already knew exactly how we wanted it to look.

Once we had finished our final scene, we had made a list of scenes we had watched back and decided that they could be improved. They were the 'Baby Snatching' Flashback and the 'Pregnant Teen' Flashback. Seeing as we had completed the other scene so quickly, we decided to head back to Alices garage to get them shot.
We have now officially finished Filming!
This means we can now get on with the editing of the film opening. If we do feel that any scenes could be improved, we can also shoot them again, but we have now captured all the footage!
Next we will really start to piece together our clips!

Day 3 of production!

Monday we started filming our cellar scenes. We started by filming the news report bit with the camera behind Alice's arm. It was going really smoothly, and we were making good progress. it was taking us about 3 shots till we got the perfect one.

Then we came across our first problem. Because we didn't take the camera charger with us, the Camera ran out of battery. This was a problem because we wanted to get all the scenes done that morning except the sleepover scene which we knew would have to wait till Friday.

However, we recovered by going into school, leaving the camera charging all day, then Monday evening, we carried on filming well!

We filmed the tv Scenes again, and this time, we had a lamp to create shadows because the light from the tv screen wasn't enough.

We had another problem when we came to shoot the close-up of Alice's eye because the camera wouldn't focus. After many attempts, i decided to have a close look at the menu's to see if there was settings that could be changed. Eventually, i found a setting which let you change the focus manually! After this, it worked really well.

When Alice's Dad came home, we decided to film the 'Baby snatching' scene where Alice had an old teddy wrapped up in baby blankets and her dad had to snatch the baby from her. We decided that i couldn't do this part because you would see too much of 'Fritzl' to show that he is male, so Alice's Dad Rob helped us out!

After Monday, i feel like we are really on our way to finishing and i think its worked really well so far!

We plan to finish our last part of filming on Friday night!

Here is the Video that was playing on the TV. We Found this on youtube!

Second day of production- Lights, Camera, Action!

WOO! Filming time!

Once we had arrived at Alices house, we started by making Alice look creepy! We tried to put pale foundation on her, but it we didn't think it looked pale enough, so we added baby powder to her face to make here paler. we also added dark shadows around her eyes to make her look more spooky.
This is Georgie applying baby powder to Alices face!

Alice Applying pale powder on her lips

The Finished Alice!

Alices Mum found out this jumper from ages ago,
 and we decided it fitted Elisabeths character well.

We needed to block all the sunlight from the
Garage otherwise it looked too light and un-cellar like.

This is me and Alice doing this again.

We needed to stick up the pictures we had created before we started shooting.

This scene is in my house, so we headed to my house to film little Elisabeth scenes! We decided that in front of my fire would be good because it looks old and spooky. We were conscious that we had to film the scenes with little Elisabeth (Amber) that evening seeing as Amber was only free this evening. So we headed back to my house to film the scenes with Amber. We were initially worried that because Amber is only young, she may not take the role seriously and that it may be a problem, but infact she was a great little actress!

My Fritzl part! i had to touch Ambers shoulder, and so
 because it was only the arm in shot, i played 'Fritzl's Arm'!

This is Alice and Georgie setting up the camera for the second scene.
This is Amber, our Little Elisabeth!

When we were filming, my cat Morris kept getting in the way!
But we decided he was our filming mascot!

Because it was still light in my house, we decided to turn all the
lights off, and only have one light on to create the shadow well.
Nice picture of my bum by Alice too here!

After we finished filming the Young Elisabeth Scenes, we went back to
 Alice's garage to start filming the cellar scenes.

Alice Preggers! We stuffed a hoodie underneath
Alice's jumper to make her look pregnant.

We tried to shoot some scenes of Alice Pregnant, but because it was getting late, and the next time we would film would be day time, we decided to just set it up and film on Monday.
Georgie talking to Alice's belly! haha!

After today, i think we have made a lot of progress. We will now film Monday morning because we have taken the morning off because we had a double lesson of media to film!

First day of production!

Yesterday evening, we had our first day of production. We had planned to complete all the setting up of the cellar (Alices Garage) so when we come to filming it, it will save time so the filming will go smoothly.

This is the garage before starting to clear it!:

This Photo is Alice, and we've nearly finished the clearing!


This is when we decided to make drawings which the children could of drawn to place on the wall.

The first day of production started by us arriving at Alice's house to clear a space in her garage. When we got there, we started moving some of the stuff to the other side of the room. When we had cleared a space, we started to think about where we would position the camera so that we could hide the garage door. Then we decided that from looking at pictures of the actual cellar, Elisabeth had put up lots of drawings that her children had made. So we decided to make some drawings to make our scene more realistic. These will be put behind the TV to make it look more like what we wanted. We came across one problem which was that we couldn't get hold of an old style television. We have decided to try and find one by friday, so that it shouldn't affect our filming. at this point, once we had left everything set up, there was little we could do without the TV, and also by this point we were getting tired, we decided to call it a night. I think our first day of filming went really well because we managed to get the majority of our setting up done.

Changes to the Schedule
Originally, Monday was kept aside for setting up the set, Tuesday was filming, Thursday was filming and so was Friday. However, there has been some crutial changes in the schedule due to other arrangements for Georgie and Alice. This affects two of our filming days (Tuesday and Thursday).
Now, we have scheduled Friday 4th as first planned to film, and also Monday 7th and hopefully Friday 11th if we need it. 
This has been a problem because it's put our timings back a week, but if we keep to schedule completely, we should get all our filming done in time.
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