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As we were finding it dificault for inspiration, or rather remembering the inspiration that we had found out, we decided it was a good idea to make a moodboard.

Here it is!

Our finished Animatic

This week, we completed our Animatic (Below). We didn't want to spend to much time on making it look really good when it isn't necessary, so we stuck with a basic idea of how the film opening will look using our existing storyboard.
We also started considering the other parts of the planning which need to happen before we can start shooting. We finished our shooting schedule which will be massively helpful for us to keep to deadlines in order to complete everything for our final deadline. We have allowed one intensive week for filming. This allows us to hopefully get all the filming done in one week so we can start the editing, which takes the longest.

Here is our plan:

Monday 28th February
Set up all the scenes, especially the Cellar (Alice’s garage) to make filming for the rest of the week smoother.
Tuesday 1st March
All Cellar Scenes- the TV scenes and the eye scenes.
Wednesday 2nd March
(Nothing to happen on Wednesday due to other arrangements for two of the film crew)
Thursday 3rd March
Little girl scenes + any other scenes
Friday 4th March
Sleepover Scene
(Monday 7th March & Tuesday 8th March As spares if we do not complete everything)

We believe if we keep to this schedule, we should be able to make our filming work all in one week which would be fantastic!

An inspiring video we found

When we were searching for different videos and sound track ideas for our film opening, we came across this video which somebody has created. We not only liked the beginning of the sound track (which was the reason for finding the video) but also the imagery was also very relevant. What appears to be the child and a fathers relationship is showing with a spooky noises in German. The filters on the whole video in a sepia style was also very effective.

This week, we have also completed more of the animatics which we have nearly finished,and i will blog them this week!

Storyboarding our ideas

We have finally finished our storyboard of our ideas of settings and sequence. We have also decided the name. We have chosen Amstetten, This is the name of the town where the event took place.Storyboard of Amstetten

The next step now we have completed our storyboard is animatic.

Further developments and planning

This week, we decided to complete our Storyboard (Next post once we've scanned it!) and do some further planning to the finer details to our film opening. We decided we would start thinking about where we would actually shoot each shot.

Production setting plan

Cellar Scene 
we needed a dark place where we can make it look like it could be the place where Elisabeth was captured, so we thought a garage was appropriate as long as we blocked out all the sunlight. Seeing as Alice was the only member of our group with a garage, we have decided to shoot the cellar scene all in Alice’s Garage. We also plan to put the old style TV in the cellar (Garage) so it looks authentic.

Memory 1 
(the young girl sitting on the floor with her back to the wall cuddling a small blanket)
We decided that because this piece was a flash back, it wouldn't matter where it was shot, as long as it kept in line with the theme. Seeing as all the other scenes were most appropriate to be inside, we decided that we could use Alice’s Garden for that scene.

Memory 2
(The same girl is sitting on the floorwhen a man approaches her and strokes her hair)
We decided that this scene should be inside with her playing with a doll or something to signify the innocence of the young girl. Seeing as i live in a old cottage, the old style of my lounge room would be more appropriate than Alice's or Georgie's more modern houses.

Memory 3
(A teenage girl holding the same blanket)
This is another scene where it really wouldn't matter where we shoot it as long as it looks old or could be old seeing as this would have to be about 15 years ago. We haven't completely decided where we will shoot this scene, but we think Georgie’s garden may be a nice idea seeing as she has a lovely little bench.

Memory 4
(Sleepover scene where Elisabeth is withdrawn from the group)
We decided that in this case it would be more appropriate to film this scene in my bedroom seeing as Georgies and Alices rooms are decorated more modern.

Memory 5
(Pregnant woman)
Seeing as Elisabeth was only pregnant in the cellar, we have to shoot this in Alice’s Garage to match the cellar at the beggining.

Memory 6
(the baby being snatched from Elisabeth)
This once again would have to be shot in Alice’s Garage seeing as in the real life story the baby was snatched in the garage.

Cast List
Elisabeth young
Seeing as we needed a young girl who looked 11, we couldn't act this part ourselves so a family friend of mine's daughter is 10 who could possible play the young Elisabeth. Her name is Amber Moxey.
Elisabeth teen
We decided that Alice Clark would play Elisabeth throughout the opening seeing as she studies theatre studies, and she had blue eyes like Elisabeth.
Extra girls at sleepover
For the sleepover scene, we need three girls to be talking, and then Elisabeth (Alice) to be on her own. We had the idea of setting the camera up on a stand, and leaving it, so me and Georgie could play two of the girls, but were not certain this will work. However the plan at the moment is that the three extra girls are Georgie, Me and our friend (Un decided)
Elisabeth present
Because Alice Clark is playing Elisabeth, she will also play Elisabeth in the present time (when they flash back to reality).
Joseph Fritzl
For the shadow, and when a mans hand touches the girls shoulder, we need a male adult to do this role, so Alice's Dad Rob Clark has kindly volunteered.

Sound effects needed
We also decided to start thinking about sound effects we could need, and this arethe only ones we can think of at the moment.

  • Metal doors
  • Foot steps
  • Echoes Baby crying
  • Echoes of girls laughing
  • some kind of spooky music
The next post i do will be the Storyboard which we have created.

What Exactly is an art house film?

Seeing as we have chosen a brief which we know little about, we thought it would be useful if we did some background research on not only about the event, but what defines an arthouse film.

Basic Definition?
An arthouse film is typically a serious, independently made film aimed at a niche audience rather than a mass audience. 

What conventions does an arthouse film include?
An arthouse film usually  includes, a social realism style, a very distint style or emplasis of the director, and a focus on the thoughts and dreams of characters, rather than presenting a clear, goal-driven story.

Art films are aimed at small niche market audiences, which means they can rarely get the financial backing which will permit large production budgets, expensive special effects, costly celebrity actors, or huge advertising campaigns, as are used in widely-released mainstream films. this is a convention of an arthouse film because it shows how little money they have to produce a film, and they have to rely on talented producers.

From the research i did on Art house films, i have summarised the main points that in my opinion are the main points we must consider. Here are the conventions that makes an art house film an art house film:

  1. Art house films rarely have a feel good quality.
  2. They may make us feel smarter or more wise about the world.
  3. They tell the truth about the world or an event.
  4. They have no famous actors/actresses, just unheard of talent.
  5. Very low budget films, but heavily relies on talented directors.
  6. It doesn't have a general frame because there is no rules.
  7. It faces topics that conventional films don't consider, E.g. Prostitution, drugs.
  8. It includes different formats and ideas (unusual)
  9. The director can be as imaginative as they like.
  10. The film usually would have a message which makes you think out of the box.

After reading and exploring about the art house themes conventions, i'm confident that our film opening will follow the aspects of an art house film so the brief will be fulfilled. 
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